Welcome to PROUD Engineering Honours website.

The PROUD Engineering Honours Programme was introduced in 2009 to improve the capability of the engineering education in order to adapt to the changing needs of the technological and diverse society.

Our institute Fontys University of Applied Sciences, is located in Eindhoven, the Brainport of the Netherlands. In this area there are many companies located, which are specialized in product development and design. We want to contribute to the development of the Brainport region as much as possible, that is why our department of Electrical and Electronic (E&E) Engineering as well as Mechatronics has the goal to educate the “Best engineers and product designers of the Netherlands.”

The goal of the  department is to focus on innovations and embrace and fulfill the aspirations of a diverse student body. Our effort to meet the needs of the engineering companies and the society will contribute to reach these goals. Therefore the engineering department will prepare students, to help this increasingly diverse society, in which human progress and our nations’ economic future depends on the development and application of technology.

This will be done by:
1. Getting the maximum development and growth out of human potential
2. Innovate in curricular structure and contents
3. Gaining leadership in the innovation and use of educational technologies
4. Continuously improvement of the engineering education process