Leke Raifi


Bachelor course: Electrical Engineering
Specialization: Telecommunications
Graduation year: 2015
Role in PROUD committee: Alumnus – Former┬áPresident

I am a talkative and expressive person. I like working with a group who share the same enthusiasm as I do regarding specific topics and try to achieve the best outcome possible out of it. Also, being a persistent hard-worker, committed student, energetic, as well as extremely vulnerable for new challenges; I truly believe I am a suitable and reliable for every opportunity that comes in the way.

About PROUD Programme: I joined PROUD Program because I saw as a great opportunity to get familiar with the working experience that is expecting me after I graduate. Also, I saw PROUD Program as a great asset of my CV for my future engineering carrier.
I think everyone who is motivated to achieve greater things than just the bachelor diploma and thinks that is mature enough to maintain a balance between working and studying should join PROUD.
So far, I am really happy to have joined PROUD Program since it has opened a lot of work opportunities for me and also has helped me to create a larger engineering network.
I learned a lot from PROUD Program and in different fields such as professional aspect, technical aspect or social aspect, but I would definitely stand out from all of them, the working experience that you get from it. This work experience has helped me the most at this moment.