Bianca-Andreea Ion

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Semester: 3

About myself: Ever since I can remember I seek for challenges in what concerns my studies and not only. I can say I was always a technical person with logical thinking and with a high curiosity and determination. I was always eager to strengthen and highlight my strong points and diminish my weak ones. Of course everyone fails at least once. But those were the moments when I realize the only way in which you can grow and achieve your goals is to exit your comfort zone and always be perseverant. Do what you love and you’ll be one of the best.

About PROUD: I joined PROUD with the aim of doing the best out of my studies and building up my professional profile. I see PROUD as a chance of gaining more practical experience, of getting a bit of the taste of industry field while still studying. I could say it’s a training for working life, something that not everyone has the opportunity to receive. More about it, you achieve your goals being part of a supportive and united team, taking responsibilities in the community, but also having fun.