Michał Mikołajczyk


Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Semester: 7
Role in PROUD committee: Media

About myself: I am young student eager to get more and more technical knowledge. Challenging myself became part of my behaviour during the first year of studies, that is why I joined Proud program. If I was to choose a word that definitely does not describe me, I would say ‘lazy’ – I spend most of the time on activities that prove me that I am hardworking person.

About PROUD Programme: For me as an Eastern European, the education at Fontys prepares the student to work in the industry much more than what I would get in my motherland – usually an engineer with a master degree has spent 2 months on the internship, and here getting a bachelor degree requires the student to work for a minimum of a year, but I am of course aiming for more, and the Proud programme gives me the chance to realise it.