Smets Arne

Bachelor course:Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Specialization: None
Semester: 4
Role in PROUD committee: Member

About myself: I am Arne and i’m 21 years old. I study Electrical Engineering because I liked technology in general and after some visits at Fontys I liked Electrical over the Mechanics. I’m currently still finding out what my specialization is and what I like to do the most. I do like coding and Embedded Systems, but also the Analog Practicum is something I like.

After school I am playing korbal quite a lot and I am currently captain of the first team of my club SDO Veldhoven. I also train the 3 youth teams ‘Under 16’ and coach the U16-1. This costs some time but I love the game that much. Besides this I am also member of the Youth Technical Commission and am referee at youth competitions.

About PROUD Programme: Before Fontys I did pre-university (VWO). After I doubled the fifth year I started to think again about my next study. Almost everybody went to University but I wanted to learn a bit more practical skills and thought the smaller classes would suit me better. As I decided to go to Fontys, I made a condition for myself: If it goes well in the first year, do something extra, because I knew I didn’t do the highest education as possible. That’s where PROUD started for me. I think PROUD is a great opportunity to develop myself and gain extra experience even before the internships.