Toma Garofil

Bachelor course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering (International course)
Semester: 4

About myself: My interest for electronics and cutting edge technology started all the way back in my childhood years. Exactly this passion brought me all the way to The Netherlands to study and become an electronic engineer. My range of interests varies from digital design and embedded software all the way to analogue and power electronics. I am trying to be open to any opportunity and challenge that rises along the way and also have fun while doing it, because if I enjoy doing something, I am a lot better at doing it.
About PROUD: After my first year of studies, I have decided to take up the challenge and join PROUD. I was really keen on starting to gain working experience in the field of electronic engineering and the PROUD Programme has given me this exact opportunity. I have come a long way since I joined PROUD, improving both my technical and professional skills and I consider this experience to be invaluable. What is also important is that PROUD is a comunity in which we help each other, share our experiences and, of course, have fun.